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Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022, 12:10
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Residential Row House at Kohrinbo, Near Nagamachi district, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, Japan (2012)

The quality of life is highly dependent on the settlement, where a residential environment that provides opportunities for settlers to meet those needs of home and work properly and take them to a better life. Settlements as a residential place of activities that support the human being life has one of the elements of the house.

In the process of building and maintaining houses, residents as individual and social human being depend on their respective interests for improving their dwelling. The strength of tradition supports the element of stability from one generation to another generation

The one of issue in urban planning is sustainable urban form. In term of spatial planning, there are various of practice of Spatial Planning in world on the aspects of urban planning and design related to the natural resource and suburbs preservation efforts. In the term of residential housing development regard to Sustainable Urban Form starts from lifestyle in a house that is influenced by tradition, next manifested in the determination of the pattern of house development that are also influenced by the tradition that runs from generation to generation.